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Using Multi-Region, Master-Master MySQL Replication

With the growing user demand on application availability and speed, the question is: how is your database performing to meet the needs of your application users?

In this white paper, you will learn:

MySQL Replication Limitations

The challenges of achieving continuous availability with common MySQL replication approaches. 



Solving Replication Limitations

Using efficient, message-based replication, conflict resolution, and automated healing and scaling to resolve MySQL replication limitations.


Availability Around the World

Learn how GenieDB uses synchronous immediate consistency and tunable consistency to solve MySQL replication limitations. 


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"Without GenieDB we would have spent much more money, and worse, much more time coming up with a scalable solution. GenieDB has changed the way I think about the migration of applications to widely distributed and scalable platforms."

- Vince Vasquez
CEO, Cloudbook Inc.
GenieDB Customer Vince Vasquez CEO of Cloudbook

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Achieve Continuous MySQL Availability

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Continuous availability and fast response time on MySQL - GenieDB white paper
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